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Ambassador of Italy while speaking on the occasion said Italian Food Week is a regular feature and we celebrate it every year.

He especially thanked his wife for helping him organize the event in a befitting manner. Likewise, the ambassador also appreciated role of General Manager Marriott and other embassy staff for making the event a total success.

The Italian ambassador cooked pasta, which the guests enjoyed very much. He told the audience he used to cook this dish when he was a student for it was a cheap dish and easy to cook as well.


The guests sampled through the latest culinary delicacies. Famous for its pasta and pizzas, Zigolini prides itself over serving long-time guests, who will be happy to hear that little has changed Italian taste-wise. The brick-oven, which cooks a pizza in around 90 seconds remains intact. ”Of course, every pizza is thrown by hand and rolled in a specific way to puff up very quickly in the oven.

Other Italian delicacies include a little Dolce (sweet in Italian) putting a modern spin on classic Italian desserts. For instance, there’s Tiramisu with Mascarpone Cream but dessert lovers should also look out for the delicious Panna Cotta with Berry Coulis, Lemon Delight with Lemon Curd, or Homemade Gelato Ice-Cream.

As one of the most popular Italian restaurants in the capital, Zigolini has maintained a premium mark since its inception in 2012. It has more to offer to guests than ever before. Read More 


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